Collecting Reward Beans

Everybody likes to get something for free and at Harrogate Coffee Direct we would like to reward those customers who keep coming back and supporting us.

So, to thank you for your loyalty, we are happy to give you 5 Reward Beans everytime you buy a bag of our coffee. No matter how big it is.

As you collect more and more beans, you will be able to gather enough to redeem them for offers, vouchers, free gifts and other Harrogate Coffee merchandise.

Keep an eye on our Reward Beans tab as new freebies and offeers will become available form time to time. If it is a physical item you may need to pay a little shipping, but the item itself will always be redeemable in reward beans. So the more beans you collect the more free stuff you will be able to get.

If you sign up to our newsletter, we can also inform you about days when we may offer double/ triple points for a limited time. We will also post such events on instagram and facebook, so keep an eye out there too.

We may also manually add extra beans to real supporters accounts from time to time at our discretion, for helping us promote our brand, for things like, liking our facebook page, sharing our posts on instagram, creating product review videos or referring us to your friends. As we really appreciate those small acts of commercial kindness.

A few notes about reward beans:

The reward beans will have no monetary exchange equivelent value.

We will not set an expiry date on your reward beans or force redemption.

We reserve the right to take the rewards away if it looks like you have obtained them dishonestly. However, we will always give you the chance to explain before any further action is taken, as sometime mistakes happen and things aren't always the way they might seem.